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Plastic Dustpan (Random Colour) KM008500398

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FeaturesDustpan has a standard broom handle.Easy and Convenient.Rubber edge to pick up fine debris.Superior Brand collection.Package Content: 1 pc * Plastic Dust PanMade of virgin plastic. Heavy duty: the dustpan is constructed with durable materials and will last for years, lt is the old-fashioned dustpan that does not bend or warp.Used to collect more dustComfortable to adjust on any surface to collect dustUsed for collecting dust on non leveled or all surfacesShipping Weight  398 gram

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Unbreakable Plastic Dust Panhome cleaning tools brings out dustpan made from virgin plastic, more depth to collect more dust, leveler ensures that dustpan can adjust on any surface to collect dust.Ergonomic DesignThe beveled edge of the dustpan is low static and hugs the floor - If you have pets or puppy you know that hair and fur can stick to dustpans. With this dustpan, hair and fur will dump out with the rest of the debris.Low EdgeIt is custom molded to hug the floor, so dust is not swept under the dustpan, your home will be kept clean and precious, it lies flat without holding. Sweeps fine on ceramic tiles or parquet floors.Pleasant Sweeping features a handle with a soft, comfortable gripping surface and flexible fingers that grab onto a broom handle for convenient storage. The Dustpan has a flexible lip that adjusts to surface contours, so dust is not swept under the pan.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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